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In this area you have the platform to inform yourself about various scientific and practice-related research projects of the iSCM. The presented and downloadable research insights give you a brief insight into our research work and current projects.

Social Media Intelligence & strategy determination

Modern brands require timely & data-based management; customer proximity, i.e. customer centricity becomes a critical success factor. Social Media Intelligence offers an integrative and practice-relevant method for management decisions. Download

Digital Transformation & Disruptive Innovation
Digital assistants, disruptive consumers – Digital transformation opens up a multitude of new opportunities for manufacturers and retailers. What are the opportunities & challenges for IT distribution in 2018? Download

Digital Transformation – A Social Media Analysis in the Context of SCM 4.0
Together with the GfK Verein, the social media experts at GfK and the iSCM, we have examined over 10 million posts, blogs and entries in social media under the aspect of “digital transformation” such as “supply chain management”. Download

Digital Transformation – Success factors for digital business models
Digital transformation is opening a myriad of options – everything is imaginable, much seems to be possible too.  Selecting the very right option is the key USP in a globally connected & digital world with myriads of options & alternatives. Download
Digital Transformation in Supply Chain Management
Digital transformation is one of the most important megatrends of our time and covers all social areas, especially the entire value chain for technology products, i.e. supplier industry, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. Download
IoT, Smart Home & Wearables –how disruptive innovation changes our lives
The development of humanity has always been characterized by disruptive innovations. Digital transformation gives the process an exponential growth momentum!
A global & joint research project for exploring the future of the global HighTech distribution & supply chain landscape.
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A Brief History of Innovation – How Disruptive Innovations Change Our Lives, Offer New Opportunities to Trade & Supply Chain Management!
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Paradigm shift along the B2B supply chain for tech products