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The Institute for Information & Supply Chain Management is primarily concerned with management-relevant problems on the subject area Supply Chain Management. Due to a paradigm shift and associated therewith, upcoming challenges in this field, the central research focus of our institute is front-end supply chain management – managing the supply chain to the customer from the customer.

In cooperation with the GfK Verein the institute features an exceptional database, especially in the sector of high tech products and therefore the opportunity to provide the latest and most practical orientated know-how in the retail sector. With the world’s largest high tech database containing 40 global markets, 230 distributors, 420000 point of sales and 14,5 million  SKUs, our institute offers detailed and  informative market analyses, and thus enables a profound insight into the supply chain.


Fields of Research

Front-end Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management, in the last decade, predominantly focused on the back-end, this means analysis & optimization of the supplier chain. Demand for high tech products is on the other hand caused through increasing equipment levels, increasingly utilization & replacement cycles, as well as alternating purchase cycles considerable more volatile and harder to predict than it was a few years ago.

A consideration of the Front-end Supply Chain thereby offers new and extensive optimization potential, as well as the possibility to control supply and stock management from the specific customer demand. Managing the Front-end Supply Chain from the customer point of view proved as the most promising approach to reduce supply chain costs and at the same time increasing Supply Chain efficiency.

Challenges of the HighTech Supply Chain

Information on how to manage increasingly complex supply chains will therefore provide companies with a fundamental competitive advantage so that they can act quickly, appropriately and successfully in markets characterised by replacement cycles. Information & Supply Chain Management is the USP in the high-tech industry – for ensuring future success!


Putting the word “global” in front of virtually any concept seems to be one of the new word trends of the 21st century. From global warming and global sourcing to global production, global strategies, global markets and global management to name just a few examples, this practice can be seen and heard across the media every day. The world feels smaller and seems to be growing together. In light of this, numerous business strategies have now become global in scale.

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